License Agreement

Our selling license policy is outlined below:

  1. License Agreement: In order to sell PositiveGems products, you must enter into a license agreement with us. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions for selling our products.

  2. Offline Sales Only: We only license our business partners to sell PositiveGems products in offline physical stores. Online sales and sales through marketplaces are strictly prohibited.

  3. Authorized Retailers: Only authorized retailers who have entered into a license agreement with us are allowed to sell PositiveGems products. Any retailer found selling our products without a license agreement will be considered in violation of our policy and will face legal action.

  4. Brand Protection: We take our brand very seriously and work hard to maintain the integrity of our products. All licensed retailers must comply with our brand guidelines and ensure that our products are displayed and sold in a manner that aligns with our brand values.

  5. Termination of License: We reserve the right to terminate the license agreement with any retailer who violates our selling license policy or fails to comply with our brand guidelines.

  6. Amendments: We reserve the right to update or modify our selling license at any time without notice. Your continued license to sell our products after any such changes will constitute your acceptance of the updated policy.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed retailer for PositiveGems products, please contact sales team to discuss the terms and conditions of our license agreement.